The process of creating a work of art from glass is a fascinating spectacle. Often, when looking at a finished art piece, one can hardly imagine how the final form could be achieved. All artworks by Martin Janecky are blown and hand sculpted on the pipe.

Martin Janecky's favourite technique is the inside bubble sculpting – shaping glass from the inside of a hot bubble and thus creating unique works of art. He perfected the technique, mastered only by a few people around the world, and adapted it to his ideas.

The technique of hand shaping the glass bubble from the inside is to blow a correspondingly large uniform bubble first. Glass colours are applied in several layers. Subsequently, the bubble is opened and shaped with various tools from the inside and outside to the desired shape, while it is necessary to regularly heat it in the glory hole as well as with torches to the desired temperature. This phase often lasts five to eight hours. The glass is then gradually cooled down in an annealing for about 24 hours.


Martin Janecký gives a shape to hand, Janecký Studio, 2020. Video: Thomas Hogben.


Martin Janecký creates a head, Janecký Studio, 2020. Video: Thomas Hogben.

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