House signs.

House signs of Prague

“The house signs, for me, make up an important part of my endless wanderings around Prague; they are one of the things that have always fascinated me through how they emerged, for their history, their diversity, their archaic form. This project was one I began after completing the space of my studio in Prague, I worked on it at the start by myself, without any assisting team, you could even say in a kind of secrecy. For the signs, I chose opaline glass, which I’d worked with in Corning (USA), and I think is the most beautiful type of glass both for its qualities in modelling and for its beauty.”

Starmen and other studio work in glass, May 2022, Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague
Lázeňská 485/2
118 00 Praha
Janecký studio
Martin Janecký
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