Auction Day 91 - KODL Gallery

Pre-auction exhibition: 29 April - 25 May, including weekends and holidays, KODL Gallery The auction itself: 26 May, from 12 noon, Palác Žofín

The most frequent subject of Janecký's sculptures are human heads and busts, in which one can read his predilection for ancient cultures, Baroque and Classicist sculptural portraits and the work of the greatest master of the beginnings of modern sculpture, Auguste Rodin. It is his famous sculpture of the Thinker that we can recall in the pure white bust, whose strength of expression is added by the masterly hand supporting the head. In its overall appearance, the work takes us into the thoughts and moods of the artist himself and - although it does not bear his physical form - is thus essentially a self-portrait of the sculptor. At the same time, and thanks to the fact that Janecký's heads do not take the form of any specific people, each of us can project our own feelings and thoughts into them. The work comes directly from the artist's studio. A certificate of authenticity from KodlContemporary is enclosed.

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